Sunday, May 31, 2009


My mood = CRAP. I haven't written since Thursday and I feel like such a slacker. Haha. Friday was my boyfriend and I's 5 months :D We went to dinner with his parents and then went to go see Angels and Deamons. EXCELLENT movie! On Saturday we went to the Music Pier to see one of our friend's bands play. We met up with Andy and Lauren, one of my favorite couples on the planet. It was super hot and dumb me forgets to bring my bathing suite. Figures... My boyfriend and I ended up sleeping at my house and just basically hung out at my house all day today. By the way, we are getting a BUNNY! :D I am so so so happy. I love bunnies. 

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mini Vaca!

So, yesterday my Mom and I ended up going to Ulta with a large amount of convincing. Haha. I ended up getting everything, but Gash! Actually, they didn't even have Gash. Bummer :( I ended up getting two NYX trios, a NYX lipstick and lip gloss, Color Stay foundation because everyone has been raving about it, some concealer, a concealer brush, and a foundation brush. I forgot to get Do You Lilac It? by OPI. Oh wellllll! Now, I am at my boyfriend's house bumming it out with some yogurt. Oh, and I slept in the MOST comfy bed last night. YOU ARE JEALOUS! Ha. Anyway, I need to hit the showers. Bye XO.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I already have a Twitter, Facebook, and a MySpace. I might as well get a blog too on top of all of that :)

I'm just bumming it out today. The weather is really stinky. It went from being gorgeous summer weather to just plain ick. So, since I am sitting here and have so many other things I should be doing I am going to make a 'Summer Wishlist.' Great, right? Haha.

I think this a pretty decent dupe for the Blush & Bronzing Duo in Orgasm/Laguna By NARS.

Naked Lunch, Expensive Pink, Gorgeous Gold, All That Glitters, and Orange.
I also need a good red eye shadow, but I can't find one. If anyone has any good ideas please let me know :)     

Sugar Pie and Sweetheart. 
Both of the colors kind of look the same, but I just think they are both so pretty.

Party In My Cabana, Conga-line Coral, Do You Lilac It? ,  Melon Of Troy, and Strawberry Margarita.

That's my list so far :) I will add more later.


Gash by Urban Decay is the PERFECT red! I am hoping my Mom takes me to Ulta tomorrow so I can get it :) I still have to pack for my little vacation over my boyfriends house, but I am too sleepy to do it. Haha. It's like 11:30 and I am so tired from doing nothing all day. NIGHT xo.